We Had One Hail of a Storm

Hail Storm May 2016Some believe like events occur in threes. That could be. We suffered two devastating hail storms on 3 and 21 October 2015. To the extent that seven months makes the old adage true, on 18 May the third hailstorm came along.

Here’s a picture of what our driveway looked like by 5pm. Yours may have been much worse….or you may not have seen a hail stone. But, it came down hard at the Mission.

We had numerous leaks in the Womens and Mens dorms and some sheet rock damage. However the effects could have been much worse.

The new solar panels protected a very large part of our roof. They are quite sturdy and undamaged themselves. And as our maintenance team repairs the damages, we are hopeful that hailstorms do observe the rule of threes.

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