Updates on Mission Projects – Aug 2018

I often heard from older folks that time moved faster when you got older. Now I can understand what they were talking about. It seems like the years are shorter each and every year.

Why am I writing like this when the title says updates on projects? Since the beginning of the year I have told you about the imminent need for family housing, then on June 22nd the thrift store caught fire and sustained damage. Since that time, we have been very busy trying to get everything done.

First let’s update where we stand on the housing situation. First we looked at building cargo container housing and explored it very carefully. It can still be done, but at this time we are looking at other options because the cost of the containers went up.

A second option (also viable) was to use a newly approved material called FRP panels. This would go up fast and have a high insulation factor, but we are still waiting for a definite price on the cost of the entire project. The latest way to get quick housing at a good cost is to buy a portable building.

We found a military portable with six bedrooms that can be set up in our back lot for just over $24.00 per square foot.

The only additional costs would be water and sewer line extensions to the building as well as the electricity. We are purchasing this building, but we did incur an unforeseen road block. Before any new building can be put on our property, we need to get a zone change from the city.

This process is already in progress. The final approval should be done by late November. Please pray that we can accommodate our continued growth in families coming to us for housing until this building is in place.

We have a housing fund campaign in place for monetary donations to this project. Just note that you want your donation to go to the Family Housing Project.

The second update concerns the thrift store and clothing room. We have experienced a fantastic response from the community for the immediate need for help in getting both of these back into service as soon as possible. The donations of both goods and money have been great. The clothing room building only sustained smoke damage and was cleaned and returned to us in time to hold the Back to School event at the building.

It took a lot of work on the part of our staff and volunteers to make it work, but it was very successful. On Friday, August the 13th, the cleaning and mitigation of hazardous materials was completed and the thrift store building was returned to us for the rebuilding phase. There will be a short delay on the start of the rebuild because the insurance adjuster is not able to get here until August the 27th. The inside of the building looks good and the way it looks we will have an updated building with some good interior changes that will benefit us and our customers.

A last update is informational at this point. We are constantly seeking ways to expand our services to the homeless. This includes finding additional property, making changes to our internal program, and seeking ways to enhance a greater number of people who can return to a productive part of society.

Thank you for your help and your guidance in achieving these goals.

Henry Young, Executive Director/Chaplain

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