Toss No Mas City Cleanup Event

Saturday April 8th our programmers participated in a City Cleanup event with Toss No Mas to Beautify our neighborhoods, parks and schools by picking up litter, painting over graffiti, painting murals or planting trees and shrubs.

Programmers were left in great spirits as they attended the closing ceremonies and picnic at the Walmart on Walton Dr.

We understand the importance of serving our community in any way we can!


Programmers attending:

  • Robert Ramos – Mission Driver
  • Brett Strickland
  • Ken Herlein
  • Humberto Garcia
  • Matt Rhodes
  • Roxanne Rhodes
  • Amanda Taga
  • Rhonda Hollovoet
  • Thomas Hollovoet
  • Ron Roberson
  • Richard Hardy
  • James Shaffer
  • Wesley Collins

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