The Mission is her family now

Miss KTwo years ago Karen Phillips’ sister in Arizona determined she could no longer care for her older sister and put her on a bus to Las Cruces.

Though she had been a nurse in Dallas for 23 years, Karen’s husband had died in 2010 leaving her without means. The gentle and caring soul whom we now know as Miss K arrived on 13 November 2013 with nowhere to go and no prospects. Little did she (or we) know, but God had big plans for Miss K.

She just celebrated her 70th birthday on 3 September.

Today Miss K has become a valued member of our family and an esteemed icon in our community.

She became a Christian soon after arriving and has given multiple sermons when called. People have come to respect God’s wisdom they see reflected in Miss K’s simple life. While she has performed duties ranging from Women’s Matron to Security, her true value to the Mission has been the positive influence she’s had on so many lives.

We thank God for sending us Miss K. And thank her for being who she is.

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