The Mission is Going Solar

Target: $194,000.00

Raised: $140,605.00

Remaining: $53,395.00

The Mission is Going Solar

In an act of faith, the Mission released a request for proposals to several solar power providers on 12 June. We will soon commit to a design that could help us save as much as $3000 in electricity costs every month.

Last year the Mission consumed 210,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. According the NMSU College of Engineering the system that size could cost as much as $270,000.

We have been exploring ways in which donors might realize the 40% tax credit. Unfortunately, the current tax policies are sketchy in conveying tax credits to donors on behalf of a tax exempt non-profit like the Mission. It is possible for a donor to purchase a solar array under a third party agreement and give the electricity to the Mission. But it’s complicated.

So, because a single donor is unlikely, we trust there are enough individual donors in our community who appreciate our circumstances and who will support the effort for the normal tax deduction.

Thankfully, some have heard of our plan to go solar and have already given $37,500 in addition to their normal giving to make this project possible. This is a worthy effort. Please consider helping.

If you do, please identify your separate contribution as going toward the purchase of our solar energy array. This investment will yield significant savings going forward, permitting us to dedicate more resources to improve services for the homeless.

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