Solar Energy Comes to the Mission UPDATE

Target: $194,000.00
Raised: $140,605.00
Remaining: $53,395.00


Solar Panel Installation 10-15-15On 21 September, the Mission awarded a $194,000 contract to Tom’s Service Company (TSC) to install a 74 kilowatt solar power generation system on the roof of the Shelter at 1050 W. Amador.

By 2 October, TSC began installing the first of 296 Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels, pictured above. The remaining material is due for delivery by 15 October. And, at a rate of 15 panels per day, installation should be complete by Thanksgiving.

Not only does TSC appear to be making quick progress, workers noticed the 1 October hailstorm had broken 20 of our skylights. Tom Reynolds, the owner of TSC, decided to purchase and install replacement skylights as a gift to the Mission. Thank you Tom!

When our array is inspected and approved by the City of Las Cruces and El Paso Electric, it will generate all the electricity required by the Shelter for the next 25 years. Since the Shelter comprises 60-80% of our entire electric bill, the Mission will save about $100,000 in utility costs over the first 5 years and at least $500,000 over the useful service life of these panels.

We have almost $89,000 in “solar” contributions but we could use your help to finish paying for this needed improvement. If you decide to donate, mark your check “solar” so we know how to allocate your gift.

Please consider stopping by to see the installation.


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