Roger’s Second Chance

Roger CobbRoger Cobb came to the Mission in the summer of 2014. He was on probation and had been addicted to painkillers for 10 years. He immediately impressed the Shelter staff will his work ethic.

No task was too hard, too messy, or too stinky for Roger.

“Let Roger do it” became the Shelter Director’s solution to most every job that needed the attention of a dedicated, intelligent and willing servant.

Reflecting on his two years at the Mission, Roger responded in his quiet, understated way: “They’ve been tough years, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing because the Mission gave me an chance to get off drugs and find a second chance at life”. He said his time at the Mission showed him how his pride had damaged his life, and what to do about that.

Over the last two years, evaluating his circumstances and committing to change his self-destructive behaviors one small step at a time, Roger came to embody the Mission’s ideals of selfless service.

For the last year, he has been the Mission’s Bedbug Czar, taking a personal interest in introducing the pests to the hereafter as efficiently as possible. Today, there is no material evidence of bedbug activity at the Mission. Roger did that. For those who enjoy the snappy and amusing quips on our Amador sign, thank Roger.

By the time you read this, Roger will be back in Phoenix a changed man. One who found his faith in Christ, his confidence to be self-sufficient and his sense of self-worth at the Gospel Rescue Mission.

He recently spent about 6 hours into the early evening one day scouring the stains off two 25 year-old toilets. For that Roger received a Mission challenge coin and a gift card. But that’s not the real story here.

These two toilets now sparkle like new. Just like Roger.

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