• Staff Stories – Elsie Bonfantini (Director)

    Elsie Bonfantini is a mother of 3 sons and a grandmother of 4 grandchildren.

    She is active at St. James Episcopal Church where she worships.

    She thanks God every day for her family, friends, her country and the ability to help those less fortunate than her.

    Elsie has been a Realtor for over 35 years and has been on the Gospel Rescue Mission Board since 2013. She helps us in many ways having served on board committees.

    Thank you Elsie.


  • Staff Stories – Dr. Norm Harrison (Director)

    Norm has the longest tenure of active board members.

    He has served as Chairman and is now a faithful member with a great deal of experience.

    We salute Norm for his many years of selfless service.

    Thank you Dr. Harrison.

  • Staff Stories – Dr. Brian Ormand (President)

    Brian Ormand has served on the LC-GRM Board since 2014 and as chair since January 2017.

    Brian worked at NMSU as Director working with Distance Education and IT Services before retiring (1987-2012).

    He has returned to work at NMSU part time as the Project Manager of a grant that mentors high school students interested in STEM careers.

    Brian is grateful for what God has done for him and for the sacrificial work of the LC-GRM staff which serve the most vulnerable in our community.

    He is also thankful for the many donors that make this ministry possible.

  • Staff Stories – Julie Cadena (Secretary)

    Julie Benard Cadena has been a board member since 2015 and currently serves as Secretary of the board.

    She is married to Ramon aka “Raymo” for going on 29 years.

    She is the proud mother of 2 sons, Jaron – 24 and Regan – 22.

    Julie’s hobbies include traveling, sporting events, and keeping up with the “AGGIES”.

    Julie is thankful for this opportunity to serve on the board and hopes to continue to be involved with the forward progress of the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission.

  • We’re getting there.. thanks to you!

    Our donors have been very gracious recently. 

    We were given several vehicles that were in great condition and had fairly low mileage.

    Two of those have been added to the mission fleet for use by the executive director and the mission manager.

    We are thankful for these vehicles and they can be a tax deduction with the correct paperwork.

    Thank everyone who thinks of the mission in our work with the homeless of our city

  • Bible Study at the Mission

    Maria Goldstein is one of our Bible Study teachers and is doing an excellent job.

    She creates interaction and gets her class to think about God’s Word.

    This shows us unpacking copies of her book, Eight Keys To The Kingdom, which she is now using for the class.

  • 2017 Back to School Update

    554 Local Kids were outfitted for Back to School in August by the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

    9,943 items were given out in August for Back to School.  Thank you to the volunteers and help we received.

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Shelter Director’s Statement (9/14/17)




    Randy Smith, Shelter Director
    (575) 523-7727 – Shelter Front Desk
    (575) 805-9202 – Cell


    Henry Young, LCGRM Pastor & Executive Director


    Read more

  • Vol. 15, Issue 5 – Sept – Oct 2017

  • Human Interest Story: Evelyn Chavez

    My journey to the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission, began by way, of the call of God, upon a little girl who came from a very dysfunctional family.

    During a rocky marriage, which ended in divorce, my parents quickly brought forth a family of four. Myself, being the oldest, two sisters and a brother.

    My mother, desiring to know God, went on a spiritual search through false religion and the occult. Thanks to a promise in the Word of God that says, if you seek Him you will find Him, she came to the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. All four of us also gave our lives to Jesus!

    My mother was greatly used in jail and prison ministry, and helped establish several churches. I married and became a Youth Pastor, ministering to young people and the homeless on the streets. My brother married and was ordained a Children’s Church Pastor.

    The journeys for my brother and I took us in directions neither one of us wanted to go. My marriage broke and I was left a single parent of two. My brother’s marriage broke also, and he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Later I accepted a job with the Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store. I met and married my current husband Charles, who also works for the Mission. My brother died and went to be with the Lord after suffering the many difficulties of mental illness.

    Thanks to the faithfulness of God, I am now the Front Desk Manager for the Mission, where I have the privilege of working closely with others who have similar struggles as those my brother endured.

    Glory to You Lord for the Light You bring to dark places!