People are sleeping on the floor. We are seeking a donation of land, and or, facility or building that can be remodeled or restored to house an overflow of residents.


  • Kyla Giving Back to a Community

    Kyla (second from left) came with her 3 kids wanting to teach them the value of giving back to a community that has allowed her to raise her family and cultivate a unity of spirit.

    They helped serve lunch and left with a happy feeling of value for their effort. Kudos to Kyla and her family.

  • US Army SSgt. Jerry Gordon Retiring

    US Army SSgt. Jerry Gordon Ret. faithfully served our country for 21years.

    Upon retiring he needed to fill the void of giving, serving spirit he grew to know thru his years in the military.

    He found it in his church (Heart for the world), and the LCGRM. He has donated 2 bug zappers and a badly needed industrial fan for the dining hall as well as donating his time coming to help serve dinner for the less fortunate.

    We would like to thank Mr Gordon signs challenge others to keep the giving spirit alive in their hearts and in their actions. God Bless


  • Garage Sale – April 2018

    Garage Sale!!! Come down and see what treasures are waiting for you.

    When: April 7th & 8th 
    Time: 8:30am-10:00am
    Where:  Las Montañas High School Parking Lot. (across from the Thrift Store)

  • Vol. 16, Issue 2 – Mar – Apr 2018


  • Thank You Church of Christ

    We would like to thank the Church of Christ on N. Valley Dr.

    They provided the funds for a much needed and beautiful industrial grade stove for our kitchen.

    They have adopted the mission for several hands on projects showing the love of Christ to the homeless.

  • Property Damage

    Please look both ways when approaching the street!

    If you have driven by the mission lately you may have noticed the property damage that occurred recently.

    No one was seriously injured and insurance is covering everything completely.

    Thank you Lord.

  • Dining Hall Volunteers

    Here is a recent day at the dining hall where a group of young volunteers were here to serve the homeless and our residents.

    We are very thankful to all the groups who have shown an interest in coming down to help us and to learn about some of the needs of society.

  • Church of Christ Helps Remodel

    A group from Church of Christ brought several people to the mission for a remodel on the women’s side of the facility.
    Please note how bright and clean the new walls and counter top will look.

  • LCGRM Clothing Room – Volunteers Always Welcomed

    We have been very happy to have the help of students from Mrs. Sandy Leopold’s 1st Period Class at Las Montanas High School.

    Every Tuesday 8 students visit the Clothing Room to help us with sizing shoes, hanging clothes, straightening the toy area & organizing hygiene products to give away.

    We are very happy to have them as our “Tuesday Morning Club.”

    Please consider volunteering your time or come look us over, we’ll be glad to see you.

    Ask for Wylene. To Reach Wylene by Phone, Call 575-642-9619