• Thank You from LCGRM

    The Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and kindness to us.

    You are part of the family that provides for the needs of the homeless.

    Our funding comes entirely from individuals, churches, businesses and civic organizations. No government funding.

  • Vol. 16, Issue 6 – Nov – Dec 2018

  • The Next Steps

    As we approach the end of the year, I would like to keep you informed about changes that are and will be occurring at LCGRM. We will continue to work on our facilities and our residents.

    The temporary location for our Thrift Store has been doing very well. Parking is better and the building and signage are more visible, but the building is too small to adequately handle the volume of donations that we are receiving. We are now in the process of rebuilding the interior of our old store in Solano, which will look vastly different than it did before the fire. There will be more open floor space and a better layout for the display of items in the store. We will also provide better signage near the street to attract attention as motorist’s pass by on the street. A large room in the rear of the store will now be used to display our furniture. Other improvements will be added as money allows. We are also now under new management at the store.

    Our New Life Program is also begging to change in many ways. We are taking the time to pay more attention to the growth of the people involved in this program. The first steps include making them aware that they are to be more accountable for their work ethic and to reduce the long held belief that society is entitled to help them because they are homeless. We have divided them up among our senior staff in order to find their individual needs and goals for the future. We meet with each person on a regular basis to encourage them and to provide the tools that will enable them to one day have a place of their own. This takes a great deal of time and effort on our part but the results are already producing fruit in their lives. Since we started the changes, the results have been amazing. Rather than seeing people drop out of the program because of the increase accountability, we have had a fifty percent increase in application requests for new “programmers”. The overall result to this point has been a happier group that works together for everyone.

    We are still seeing a burgeoning growth in families coming into the mission. Our hope is to have approval on the zone change from city council soon so that we can bring in our six family room portable building. This building will more than double our capacity for families. Our largest family has been approved for an apartment of their own, but they are waiting for an apartment that will accommodate eight children.

    One of needs for the future is to have successful business people who would be willing to take selected “programmers” under their wing and train them in a trade that would be beneficial to both parties.

    Thank you for your support in our efforts.
    Henry Young, Executive Director

  • Donations Needed – End of 2018

    Our donations have been good this year, but the expenses have been even higher.  Please consider an extra or higher donation at the end of the year.

    A gift on “Giving Tuesday” in November or the entire month of December would be greatly appreciated and would really help us.

    Please help us help the homeless.

  • Playground Playhouse Completed

    The last piece of equipment for our playground remodel was delivered on October 10th. It is a 6’x 6’ cedar playhouse with a front porch.

    We are very happy with the generous donor who paid for the entire makeover of the playground which is safe and new.

    We don’t have a picture because it wasn’t built when this was written, please come by and see the entire playground after you read this in November.

  • We Need Help! Volunteers Needed

    Help us in several important areas.

    We always need volunteers in several areas. One of the important areas that we have started is in child care during the nightly chapel service.

    For this or any other area, please call Henry Young at 575-496-1637.

  • Bethel Second Baptist Volunteers

    We appreciate members from Bethel Second Baptist on Mission who came to volunteer by serving lunch.

    They are from left to right…..Queen. Alma. Joyce. Anita.

  • Opening of the Playground

    Long awaited and well worth the wait.Thanks to an anonymous donor all 21 of the kids currently at the mission can now play on the newly installed equipment. We can only imagine the blessings that will come of this new space for our children.

  • Vol. 16, Issue 5 – Sept – Oct 2018

  • New playground equipment has arrived

    New playground equipment has arrived and the kids can hardly wait for it to be installed in their new back yard. Picture update coming soon.