• Vol. 16, Issue 5 – Sept – Oct 2018

  • New playground equipment has arrived

    New playground equipment has arrived and the kids can hardly wait for it to be installed in their new back yard. Picture update coming soon.

  • Updates on Mission Projects – Aug 2018

    I often heard from older folks that time moved faster when you got older. Now I can understand what they were talking about. It seems like the years are shorter each and every year.

    Why am I writing like this when the title says updates on projects? Since the beginning of the year I have told you about the imminent need for family housing, then on June 22nd the thrift store caught fire and sustained damage. Since that time, we have been very busy trying to get everything done.

    First let’s update where we stand on the housing situation. First we looked at building cargo container housing and explored it very carefully. It can still be done, but at this time we are looking at other options because the cost of the containers went up. Read more


    All Summer Attire 10 pieces for $10
    Household Items 50% OFF
    Furniture 25% OFF – End Tables & Chairs Available for Quick Sale
    Temporary NEW location: 1022 Missouri Ave. (West of Pic Quik)


    The clothing room was able to outfit 647 kids with clothes and school supplies for Back to School thanks to generous donors from our community.

    The Clothing Room is reorganizing post fire and post Back to School Clothing Drive and will not be open for regular clients to get free clothing until sometime in September.

    As soon as the date for re-opening is known it will be posted on our front door at 1416 S. Solano

  • Meet Amanda & Seth

    Amanda has been volunteering here in the kitchen at the Gospel Rescue Mission for almost a month now. Amanda is from a big family of 6 brothers. She is also attending MAU and majoring in nursing she has almost completed her 2nd year.

    Seth has also been volunteering for about a month. He is very dedicated to working and helping out his fellow peers in the community he looks forward to putting smiles on the peoples face. He also came from a big family he is the oldest of 6 siblings. He is attending El Paso Community college he has completed 2 out of the 4 years to getting his degree in philosophy. He loves giving back to the community and helping others.

  • Vol. 16, Issue 4 – July – Aug 2018


    The Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store at 1426 S. Solano went up in flames Friday evening about 10:30pm when a fire sparked near the cash register in the Thrift Store. The fire caused devastating damage. Non existent shelving, incinerated clothing and hangers, totally damaged jewelry, charred clothing racks, very few items are salvageable. Items from the Thrift Store’s back warehouse consisted of winter items and blankets that were left untouched by the fire and salvageable. Sales from the thrift store account for about 20 percent of the Gospel Rescue Mission’s income. The mission, which has operated since 1972, offers Christian guidance and provides emergency food and lodging services.


    “This is something tragic that is going to impact the customers that enjoy going down there as one of the favorite thrift stores in Las Cruces. We have a close relationship with staff and customers and it is devastating.” says Cecilia Viverette, Thrift Store Manager. The Thrift Store is looking for a place to open temporarily, to open as soon as possible. Please contact LCGRM Pastor & Executive Director Henry Young to let us know if you have any leads.

    The Gospel Rescue Mission Clothing Room at 1416 S. Solano has smoke damage which left a toxic smell in the air and on clothing which has left no inventory for their annual Back To School Clothing Drive benefitting school age children in Las Cruces. The adjacent buildings shared electricity and now power must be shut off to the Clothing Room for now. An Investigator & Auditor are expected Tuesday & Wednesday of this week.

    As for donations, we would certainly appreciate your help. Thank you to community members that have stepped up such as Marci Dickerson with Revolution 120 and those businesses who have contacted her and stepped up totaling $11,000 in donations to purchase clothes for the Gospel Rescue Mission’s Back To School Program. Walmart Las Cruces – South Valley Drive – has also promised a 10% discount on all items we purchase from them to benefit this cause! American Linen and Uniform Supply for cleaning all the smoked damaged items at no cost! 200+ bags.



    Please Call Wylene at 575-642-9619

    Requested Donations:

    School clothes, socks, underwear & shoes for boys & girls of all ages.

    Donations to LCGRM Thrift Store and Clothing Room are being accepted at The Mission’s main building 1050 W. Amador.

    Check and Cash Donations should be designated Back To School and mailed to P.O. Box 386, Las Cruces, NM 88004.


    Make an appointment for your children in July Mon/Wed/Fri between 9-11am.

    Distribution will be held July 30th & 31st and August 1st-3rd.

    Thank You

    Thank you to those who partnered with Revolution 120 in efforts to help after hearing of a fire over the weekend!

    • Revolution 120 – $2500
    • Pic Quik Stores Inc. – $2500
    • Angelcare – $1000
    • The Home Lending Group – New Mexico & West Texas – $500
    • Steinborn & Associates Real Estate – $800
    • Dr. Laura Conniff – $500
    • Dick’s Café – $250
    • Burger Time – $500
    • Red Mesa Construction & Kristi Valeriano Bower – $250
    • Andele Restaurant & Andele’s Dog House! – $500
    • Anonymous – $1000
  • Nine Week Fund Matching Campaign for LCGRM Begins May 17th!

    Nine Week Fund Matching Campaign for LCGRM Begins May 17th!

    Click the Donate button on the home page of our website or send a check to PO Box 386 Las Cruces, NM 88004

    Download (PDF, 437KB)