Misty Has Found Family

Misty & DaughterLife has not been kind to 30 year-old Misty Lunsford. Her earliest memories were a series of foster homes punctuated by brief interludes with her biological family. At 13 her situation worsened. She started smoking pot, dropped out of school, tried to stab her mother and found herself in jail for three months. By 15 she was hopelessly addicted to methamphetamine. The next 15 years were a blur of drugs, broken relationships, estranged family and a growing sense of desolation and desperation. She came to the Mission very briefly last year but didn’t stay because the temptation of meth still loomed too strong.

On 21 August Misty came back to the Mission—this time with her 6 year-old daughter Alicia and a renewed determination to stop being a slave to drugs. Misty recalls, “before, I wasn’t interested making the changes in my life to get clean and stay clean.” A few weeks later Alicia’s father died in a car accident. Now they were completely alone.

Misty said the last few months have been difficult, but she and Alicia are adjusting. ”The Mission saved me and my daughter. We had nowhere to go. This is a good place. Here I feel better about myself and my life. That helps me stay clean.”

With God’s help, Misty is putting her life together, one day at a time. Her faith, her desire to be a good mother, and work at the Mission have helped Misty stay away from drugs. She’s given her testimony in Chapel and for the first time in her life looks forward to church. When Alicia’s in school, Misty works in the kitchen and is training to manage the Shelter’s Front Desk.

Misty and Alicia have found peace and a sense of purpose at the Mission. Misty observed “The Mission is our family now.” And the Mission family has found two new sisters. Praise God!

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