Mary Marthas Deliver

Mary Marthas Deliver1

Pictured here are the Mary Marthas from University United Methodist Church. The ladies group led by Nova Poe, donated Easter dresses to the Mission which arrived just in time for Easter.

Mary Marthas Deliver2Angelina and Amber Hernandez are modeling a sample of the latest fashions that made Easter a special event this year for many young girls. The Mary Marthas donated so many dresses that we will have enough to give away at this year’s Back To School event in August.

Every year about a week before school starts Clothing Room volunteers give free shoes, free socks and free underwear to between 600 and 800 elementary school children from throughout Dona Ana County. In addition, children are able to “shop” for trousers, shirts, dresses and blouses.

These properly clothed youngsters will be more likely to enjoy school and be better students than those who might be ashamed of the way they look.

Thank you Mary Marthas for helping us help so many young girls!

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