LCPD Visits the Mission

lcpd-visits-the-missionDeputy Chief of Police, Justin Dunivan, visited the Mission on 26 September 2016. Topics discussed included ways the Mission and LCPD can expand and improve their partnership.

Police patrols now respond to calls for assistance from the Mission and the Mission takes in those that patrol finds on City streets who have no safe place to stay.

The relationship is now moving to a new level.

In August, the Mission installed an extensive security camera system which, in less than three weeks, proved useful in solving two thefts and the destruction of property. “The camera images are very high resolution,” said Deputy Chief Dunivan who thanked the Mission for their community support.

He offered the Mission a forum with with patrol officers to describe how we serve the most vulnerable in the community without enabling their behavior. “The Mission holds its clients accountable for their conduct. I think that is very important.”

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