Human Interest Story: Evelyn Chavez

My journey to the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission, began by way, of the call of God, upon a little girl who came from a very dysfunctional family.

During a rocky marriage, which ended in divorce, my parents quickly brought forth a family of four. Myself, being the oldest, two sisters and a brother.

My mother, desiring to know God, went on a spiritual search through false religion and the occult. Thanks to a promise in the Word of God that says, if you seek Him you will find Him, she came to the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. All four of us also gave our lives to Jesus!

My mother was greatly used in jail and prison ministry, and helped establish several churches. I married and became a Youth Pastor, ministering to young people and the homeless on the streets. My brother married and was ordained a Children’s Church Pastor.

The journeys for my brother and I took us in directions neither one of us wanted to go. My marriage broke and I was left a single parent of two. My brother’s marriage broke also, and he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Later I accepted a job with the Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store. I met and married my current husband Charles, who also works for the Mission. My brother died and went to be with the Lord after suffering the many difficulties of mental illness.

Thanks to the faithfulness of God, I am now the Front Desk Manager for the Mission, where I have the privilege of working closely with others who have similar struggles as those my brother endured.

Glory to You Lord for the Light You bring to dark places!

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