How Are Things Going at the Mission?

By Henry Young

I am so glad you asked that question. We always want to be good stewards about reporting our health to you our donors and supporters. In my first year at the helm of the mission, I saw that God was faithful to provide for all of our needs. We were able to to do several updates to our aging facility that provided a better quality of life to guests and residents that are with us. Two of our restroom/shower areas got makeovers, many areas within the shelter were given a new coat of paint as well as repairing some major water line breaks. We also replaced a commercial range in the kitchen as well as a new commercial dishwasher. These are just examples of the many things that have been done to keep our facilities in good condition.

Now I would like to turn to the story of what has been done to help the homeless people who come to us for help. We aspire to help everyone we can, but this isn’t always a comfortable fit for everyone and they choose to go elsewhere. There are two groups of people who stay at the mission, the guests (those who are looking for a bed and meals) and the residents (those who want to change their lives and become productive members of society). We have featured many of our residents in newsletter cover stories. I wish I could tell that all of them have been successful in reforming their lives, but that is not a reality. Many have changed and moved to other places. Others have gone through our program and are now on our staff.In closing, I would like to share

our greatest and most pressing need. We are in need of more family housing. This is the largest area of growth in the mission and we have run out of room to house them. By next winter we want to be able to double our capacity for homless families. We have done a great deal of study concerning the use of cargo containers for this purpose. In order to keep this short, I will not go into detail on how we want to accomplish this. Let me close by asking you to help us in this effort with donations, suggestions, labor help,and always with prayer support. We will be announcing a kick off campaign for a matching fund donation drive that will last for nine weeks. Feel free to contact me: Henry Young/ 575-496-1637/

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