God is for everyone. Becky Brown’s story

Becky Brown’s storyBecky allowed that God might be real, but only for other people. As a young mother of three in 1999, she had become addicted to meth and cocaine. To protect Callie (7), Kaitlyn (4) and Storm (2) from her destructive behavior she left them. More drugs followed feelings of guilt, shame and self-hatred. Becky came to the Mission last November, tired of living a life of lies. At the Mission, she found a family. She started paying attention in Bible study, and soon surrendered her life to the living God. Within days, Becky saw God’s faithfulness first hand in the form of a simple phone call. After 15 years, her children had found her! They bore no resentment. They wanted to see her and sent her money for a plane ticket.  On 20 March in Richland Springs, TX Becky was reunited with her three children. After finding a personal relationship with God and her long-lost family, Becky discovered that God is for her too!

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