Farewell Pastor Yossi

Pastor Yossi SaridNothing written in this small space can describe adequately what Pastor Yossi has meant to the Mission these last two years. His biggest joy was “seeing people come to Christ”. And during his short time here 355 souls came to Christ. Our joy was to have him on staff. He was at the center of so many improvements. He developed our New Life Program that aims to move people from dependency to self-sufficiency in just 9 months. He introduced Hispanic chapel services and Children’s Church. In 2014, 19,350 people attended 477 chapel services he coordinated. He started baptisms, officiating 39 since June 2014. Earlier this year Yossi led efforts that resulted in the Mission’s first ever strategic plan. Finally, he chaired our Mites Program selecting worthy organizations to receive offerings from those who eat or attend chapel here. Yossi did all this while holding a full time job at WSMR, earning a doctorate degree in ministry, being an on-call hospital chaplain and pastoring two other churches. No one packed more accomplishments or more love for Christ in a single 24-hour period than Pastor Yossi. He’s been uniformly amazing and we will miss him mightily. Godspeed Yossi. We love you!

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