Director’s Message September / October 2015

This summer your Mission has been and continues to be a beehive of activity. In May we discovered a series of water leaks that Maddox Plumbing repaired. But, the water damaged several hundred square feet of paving in the front of the Mission. On 10 August, Welch Dirt Works began extensive repairs to our paved driveway and parking lot. There has been some congestion so be careful when stopping by to volunteer or to drop off gifts in kind.

We’ve installed a large awning to protect from the elements those waiting for induction or a meal. You’ll see in this issue how we’re also conducting outdoor Bible studies under the awning when weather permits.

As exciting at these improvements are, here’s the big story. We are very close to bringing solar energy to the Mission. A number of citizens and civic organizations have already contributed $87,500 for our solar energy project, so we remain prayerful that others will step forward and support the improvement.
Even though we had substantial dollars earmarked for the transition to solar generated electricity, on 21 August, the Board of Directors determined that the remaining costs in excess of $150,000 was too much risk for the Mission to bear alone.

Consider helping us liquidate the outstanding balance we need to pay for this important improvement outright. If you decide to do so, please identify your gift as “solar energy” to distinguish these donations from those intended for normal operating expenses.

And, if you haven’t seen your Mission lately, make it a point to stop by and see the improvements. Consider volunteering and becoming an active part of a ministry that exists to serve the homeless and working poor.

And consider becoming an informed donor. Most charities now days also spend your city, county, state or federal taxes. We don’t. We rely entirely and exclusively on private donations from citizens, civic organizations, churches and businesses.

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Bob Jeska
Executive Director

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