Clothing Room Vandalized

clothing-room-vandalizedFor Wylene Saunders, Clothing Room Manager, Monday the 3rd of October proved to be anything but routine.

When she unlocked the front door to open for business she noticed at least one small hole in the door, of the kind bullets make in thick glass. Sometime over the weekend someone had shot the glass door. “We had just posted our name and operating hours,” on this door, she thought.

It looked so nice. And, as she wondered to herself how easy the repair of such a small hole might be, the entire glass collapsed into small pieces. “Luckily no one was hurt, but safety glass leaves a big mess to clean up, and I wonder who does this sort of thing?”

Who thinks it’s a good idea to hurt an organization that helps others? The Clothing Room exists just to give away clothing to the most vulnerable in our community. In early August, more than 620 school children from around the County received complete wardrobes for the school year, including new shoes, new underwear, and new socks. And, so far this year volunteers have distributed more than 80,130 items of clothing to 2,240 people.

According to Chris Choo, the Mission Chief Financial Officer, the unbudgeted door repairs amounted to $325.71 . A modest sum to be sure, but entirely unnecessary. And for a charity existing entirely on private donations even small expenses become significant if they’re unplanned.

For those interested in a gratifying volunteer opportunity in the CR, call Wylene at 575-642-9619. Operating hours are from 9-11am on M-W-F. Donations are accepted 24/7 at the Front Desk of the Shelter at 1050 W. Amador.

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