Clothing Room Floor Resurfaced

Thanks to fourteen hard working LCGRM programmers we now have a resurfaced floor at the Clothing Room!

Programmers worked for five days moving clothing from the clothing room floor, stripping all of the old wax and dirt, mopping and rinsing the floors, laying down 5 coats of new wax and buffing it!

Way to go team!

Thank you to our programmers attending:

  • Brett Strickland
  • Missy Strickland
  • James Shaffer
  • Matt Rhodes
  • Roxanne Rhodes
  • Ken Herlein
  • Jennifer Hasemann
  • Lorene Craft
  • Felicity Forbes
  • Wesley Collins
  • Jayson Bawcum
  • Mary Gibson
  • Rhonda Hollovoet
  • Ron Roberson

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