Caplain's corner


As we begin this new year, I thought it time to send out a new message from the Chaplain.  I spent time in deciding what to tell you and how to bring it to you.  Why not give an overview of one of the best teachings of the New Testament.  In Matthew 5- 7, Jesus went up on the side of a mountain, and when he sat down, his disciples came to him.  This was a training session on how to live and what to do.  He starts with the beatitudes, giving them lessons on blessings that can be theirs no matter how the world treats them because their reward is great in heaven.  He then tells them that he came to fulfill the Law not to abolish it.  For emphasis he says that until heaven and earth pass away no part of the Law will pass away until all is accomplished.  He then turns to things in life that we all confront; anger, lust, divorce, oaths, retaliation, and love for your enemies.  Jesus then talks about giving to the needy.

Our Lord then then turns to the subject of prayer, he says pray like this: … (Matthew 6: 9-15).  At this point, he begins another list on how to live; fasting, treasures in heaven, anxiousness, judging others, asking and receiving, the golden rule, a tree and its fruit, I never knew you, and building your house on the rock.

At the end of the seminar (sermon), the people were excited because they could tell that he had spoken as one who had authority.  When he went down the mountain, he began to do what he had told them.  Go and do likewise.
Henry  Young