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  • 2017 Back to School Update

    554 Local Kids were outfitted for Back to School in August by the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

    9,943 items were given out in August for Back to School.  Thank you to the volunteers and help we received.

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Shelter Director’s Statement (9/14/17)




    Randy Smith, Shelter Director
    (575) 523-7727 – Shelter Front Desk
    (575) 805-9202 – Cell


    Henry Young, LCGRM Pastor & Executive Director


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  • Human Interest Story: Evelyn Chavez

    My journey to the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission, began by way, of the call of God, upon a little girl who came from a very dysfunctional family.

    During a rocky marriage, which ended in divorce, my parents quickly brought forth a family of four. Myself, being the oldest, two sisters and a brother.

    My mother, desiring to know God, went on a spiritual search through false religion and the occult. Thanks to a promise in the Word of God that says, if you seek Him you will find Him, she came to the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ. All four of us also gave our lives to Jesus!

    My mother was greatly used in jail and prison ministry, and helped establish several churches. I married and became a Youth Pastor, ministering to young people and the homeless on the streets. My brother married and was ordained a Children’s Church Pastor.

    The journeys for my brother and I took us in directions neither one of us wanted to go. My marriage broke and I was left a single parent of two. My brother’s marriage broke also, and he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Later I accepted a job with the Gospel Rescue Mission Thrift Store. I met and married my current husband Charles, who also works for the Mission. My brother died and went to be with the Lord after suffering the many difficulties of mental illness.

    Thanks to the faithfulness of God, I am now the Front Desk Manager for the Mission, where I have the privilege of working closely with others who have similar struggles as those my brother endured.

    Glory to You Lord for the Light You bring to dark places!

  • Staff Stories

    This edition of the LCGRM newsletter is focusing on something different.  In the past we have told you about events and the residents who live in our shelter.

    This time we will focus on some of the people who do the work.  Let’s look at some of our staff who work hard to provide a safe environment for everyone at the mission.


    Look for other staff features and also notes about our Board of Directors on the web site and/or future newsletters.

  • Staff Stories – Ron Roberson (Kitchen Manager)

    Although Ron has been in this position for a relatively short time, the results have been good.

    He is responsible for providing three meals every day, receiving food and staging food for the pantries who come to pick up every week and cleaning.

    The Health Department gave him a high grade at the last inspection. This is an area where the workload is high.

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  • Staff Stories – Cecilia Viverette (Thrift Store Manager)

    This is our cottage industry that helps to support the work of the LCGRM.

    Cece and her staff (their stories later) provide almost 20% of our operating capital thanks to your donations of gently used furniture and clothing.

    She has been in this position for several years and is doing a good job of promoting sales and specials for many occasions.

    Please drop into the store and say hi to everyone there.

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  • Staff Stories – Wylene Saunders (Clothing Room Manager)

    This is a ministry to the homeless and underprivileged members of our community who are in need of free clothing.

    Wylene may not have ever read the job description for this position because she goes above and beyond the described in the document.

    She is truly a public advocate and ambassador for the work of the mission.

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  • Staff Stories – Randy Smith (Shelter Director)

    This is typically the position in mission work that provides the largest challenges (and rewards in changed lives).

    Randy told me that he didn’t want my job and I quickly told him I didn’t want his.

    The Shelter Director is responsible for all of our residents. In this role, Randy deals with all the issues that are common to mankind and it is a BIG job.

    Pray for Randy because he is at the core of everything we do.

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  • Staff Stories – Loretta Bacon (Executive Assistant)

    I was once told that the mission might not be able to function correctly without Loretta.

    She does so many things that most of us don’t know the full extent of her daily duties.

    Even being in the front office away from the shelter itself she knows the programmers and they all know her.

    If you happen to stop by the front office, thank Loretta for the big part she contributes to the mission work.

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  • Staff Stories – Charles Garcia (Mission Manager)

    This is the person who is in charge of all the facilities that the mission uses.

    When something breaks or clogs or just wears out, Charles takes care of the problem.

    He works hard and loves giving back to the program from which he graduated.

    We are glad to have Charles working for us.

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