Acts of Selfless Service

Acts of Selfless ServiceOn Saturday 17 October, nine residents of the Las Cruces Gospel Mission participated in Toss No Mas once again.

For several years the Mission has had responsibility to police the 2 1/2-mile stretch of Triviz from Missouri north to the Kohl’s turn.

During this period, residents have cleaned up trash along Triviz 1-2 times each month under the City’s Adopt-A-Spot program.

It’s their small way of thanking the people of Las Cruces for generously supporting the Mission. The act of selfless service, represented in such civic mindedness, is also part of their journey to restoration and self-sufficiency.

Likewise, other events staffed in part by Mission residents include the Thanksgiving and Christmas Meals on Wheels, the Donor Appreciation Soup Dinner in February, various fundraising events, and the City’s Easter Sunrise Service.

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