Mission Statement

We demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to the homeless of our city through addressing their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

We serve the less fortunate through donations from individuals, churches, civic organizations and merchants.

We neither solicit nor require government support. We work to fill the hole in the soul as we provide for the holes in people’s stomachs.

Hunger, homelessness and poverty are symptoms.

The Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission remains the only shelter in the City that offers Christian guidance, provides emergency food and lodging services 24 hours every day, uses no tax dollars, and seeks to re-assimilate the less fortunate into productive society

We are a core group, sixty to seventy volunteers, filling many positions in every phase of rescue mission service. We are seven paid staff members working in different areas of Christian ministry to ensure that needs are met. We are the donors who support the ministry with our finances and donations of food, furniture, clothing, and much more.
We are the Good Samaritan, the bearer of a cup of water, living water for a lost and dying world. We are a team working together to meet the needs of all who come to us for help. All of us together are meeting the needs of “The Least of These”.