2017 Thank you for your help

This is the last newsletter for the year and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all you have done for us this year. This has been my first year as the executive director, but you (the donors and volunteers) along with my staff and the board of directors have made it a great experience.

Let me review some of the things that have gone on this year.

In the area of staff improvement, we have had a successful time of making things better for our homeless guests. Myself and two other staff went to a convention where we had extensive training in certain phases of mission operation. This was beneficial to all because we have more knowledge and better tools for use in the mission.

One example is an ongoing reorganization of the complete shelter program which is controlled by our shelter director. He is doing a great job of putting the right people in various positions and adopting procedures which have increased both proficiency and accountability.

A second example is the fact that I am now writing a succession plan for the mission. This plan will be a guide for the manner of finding successors for the top three positions of our mission. This document will then be reviewed and revised by the board before approval.

We have an aging physical plant that is beginning to need more constant care and maintenance. We have completely redone one bathroom this year and may need to do more in the future. We would also like to build another facility that would house more women and children and provide more offices. I would also like to have a fully equipped and staffed nurses room.

Thank all of you once again. I know that our vision is never going to be beyond God’s ability to provide.

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