• Vol. 14, Issue 3 – May. – Jun. 2016

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  • The Women’s Mission Union Rocks

    The Women's Mission Union RocksPictured here are members of the Women’s Mission Union from First Baptist Church.

    Shelter Director Randy Smith spoke to the ladies on 12 April about volunteer opportunities at the Mission.

    Susan Stickles extended the invitation. “We chose May to be the month our group would volunteer at the Mission, and were delighted to have Randy here to update us on the needs there”.

    “We had no idea the Mission was involved in so many activities throughout the community. We’re happy to help.”

    The First Baptist Church has helped the Mission for a long time, inviting residents to their annual The Living Christmas Tree concert, and providing bus transportation to the Sunrise Easter Service.

    God bless you and your ministry, ladies!

  • Volunteer Fair 2016

    Volunteer Fair 2016Each year the City hosts a Volunteer Fair to tell Las Crucens about service opportunities available among non-profits and charities.

    This year many hundreds braved the cold and wind at the Farmers Market on Saturday, 16 April along with Mission volunteers (L-R) Wylene Saunders, Chris Choo, Pete Delgado, and Robert Ramos. Evie Morales took the picture.

    Bob Jeska and Janey stopped by for a visit.

  • Alpha Phi Omega Paints

    Alpha Phi Omega Paints

    Twelve members of Alpha Phi Omega spent their Saturday on 9 April painting.  The four benches they painted badly needed attention.

    Just before he died in 2012, Jerry Jaquess and family built four sturdy benches. Over years of heavy use, Jerry’s gifts had accumulated chipped and weather-worn areas and random cigarette burns. So, when Juan Hernandez called asking what his group could do for the Mission, Shelter Director Randy Smith had just the job.

    The 12 civic-minded men and women of Alpha Phi Omega joined more than 2500 other volunteers who devoted almost 40,000 hours to improve the Mission in 2015.

    Their three-finger salute symbolizes God and country, helping others, and obeying the Scout law.

    We are grateful to APO for their help. And Jerry would be pleased too.

  • Allison’s Story

    The Gospel Rescue Mission has been one of the biggest surprises of my life. My 50’s marked a gradual decline in finances and ability to find work. Even though Las Cruces permitted me to leave my past behind in Los Angeles, I became isolated and depressed. My aloneness with no prospects left me panicked.

    I had seen the Mission before and recalled all the funny looking people hanging around on the street outside. I assumed it was a drug-infested, insane place that housed only the most derelict of people.

    Allison Moore.One day in October 2015 I stopped by to check it out. There was gentlemanly Geoff in his wheelchair at the door. And sweet and kind Richmond behind the counter. The shelter wasn’t spotless but it was tidy and maintained. People here cared. I felt safe and breathed a sigh of relief.  I met the matron, Mama Kay at the time, and we talked for a while. Mama Kay answered “yes” to every question I asked. Can I park my car here? Yes. Can I stay in during the day if I need to? Yes. Are there showers every day? Yes. I left feeling I had made a small connection with some special people and that I could do this.

    A month or so later, I arrived at the Mission. Right away I made a friend in one of the other homeless ladies. My assigned chore was housekeeping. And, as I neatened the Chapel and administration building, cleaned the bathrooms, and vacuumed and mopped floors every day, I came to learn the simple joy of selfless service for others. For the first time in a long time, I felt good about what I was doing. Now I run the clothing closet as well.

    Though I do feel better about myself, the important part is I’ve come closer to understanding the Bible, and maybe have grown a little closer to God. Those who live here, work here and inhabit the place are interesting, mostly intelligent people. So my experience has been a good one so far. I arrived just before Thanksgiving, which is appropriate as I give thanks every day for this place.

    So if you’re down and out, depressed with nowhere to go, or know someone who is, all I can say is more drugs or suicide are not the answer. Come to the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission. God lives there. And the people who work for Him there will take good care of you.

  • March Solar Energy Update

    In the first quarter, we saved the equivalent of 245 trees and avoided putting 9.57 tons of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere.

    Monthly Energy Production Report for Gospel Rescue Mission
    This monthly energy report shows how our system performed and how much we contributed to offsetting the global carbon footprint.

    • March 2016 Total: 13.8 MWhField backdrop
    • Previous Month Total: 11.2 MWh
    • Year to Date: 33.8 MWh
    • Our Carbon Offset for this month: 9.57 tons
    • We have offset the equivalent of: 245 Trees
  • Mary Marthas Deliver

    Mary Marthas Deliver1

    Pictured here are the Mary Marthas from University United Methodist Church. The ladies group led by Nova Poe, donated Easter dresses to the Mission which arrived just in time for Easter.

    Mary Marthas Deliver2Angelina and Amber Hernandez are modeling a sample of the latest fashions that made Easter a special event this year for many young girls. The Mary Marthas donated so many dresses that we will have enough to give away at this year’s Back To School event in August.

    Every year about a week before school starts Clothing Room volunteers give free shoes, free socks and free underwear to between 600 and 800 elementary school children from throughout Dona Ana County. In addition, children are able to “shop” for trousers, shirts, dresses and blouses.

    These properly clothed youngsters will be more likely to enjoy school and be better students than those who might be ashamed of the way they look.

    Thank you Mary Marthas for helping us help so many young girls!

  • Easter Sunrise Service

    Easter Sunrise ServiceNinety Las Crucens braved the early morning chill to attend this year’s Easter Sunrise Service at Veteran’s Park on Sunday, 27 March. Pastor Carlos Espinosa presided.

    Pastor Carlos is one of about 25 lay and ordained ministers who volunteer to provide at least 8 chapel services each week to residents of the Mission.

    Each year the Mission plans and organizes the service on behalf the Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship (EMF) for the citizens of Las Cruces.

    It is a way for the Mission residents to thank those who make the ministry possible.  EMF is an organization of about 40 active churches who has sponsored the sunrise service for more than 35 years.

    He is risen!

  • Easter Raffle

    Easter Raffle2On 24 March employees at the Mission Thrift Store held a raffle to make Easter very special for one boy and one girl. Manuel Rios won the bike and surprised his niece Mia Sotelo.

    Easter RaffleJessica Tyau won the Easter basket for a boy. She sent her husband and young son Tyler to the raffle.

    The basket included two $10 gift certificates from Caliches.

    Our Thrift Store volunteer, Evie Morales, donated some of the basket contents, including the Caliche certificates.

    He is Risen!

  • Thrivent Cares

    Thrivant CaresAnn and Steve Baumgarn are lions for the less fortunate.

    For many years they have volunteered to distribute clothing in the Mission Clothing Room. This year they took their service up a notch. They used the first of two $300 grants from Thrivent to purchase shoes, socks and underwear for this years Back To School event which occurs a week before school starts.

    Pictured above is Steve along with a sample of what the Thrivent grant purchased for 600-800 school children who will benefit from Thrivent’s charity and the Baumgarn’s hard work.