• Solar Energy Comes to the Mission

    Target: $194,000.00
    Raised: $90,105.00
    Remaining: $103,895.00

    Solar Panel Installation 10-15-15On 21 September, the Mission awarded a $194,000 contract to Tom’s Service Company (TSC) to install a 74 kilowatt solar power generation system on the roof of the Shelter at 1050 W. Amador.

    By 2 October, TSC began installing the first of 296 Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels, pictured above. The remaining material is due for delivery by 15 October. And, at a rate of 15 panels per day, installation should be complete by Thanksgiving.

    Not only does TSC appear to be making quick progress, workers noticed the 1 October hailstorm had broken 20 of our skylights. Tom Reynolds, the owner of TSC, decided to purchase and install replacement skylights as a gift to the Mission. Thank you Tom!

    When our array is inspected and approved by the City of Las Cruces and El Paso Electric, it will generate all the electricity required by the Shelter for the next 25 years. Since the Shelter comprises 60-80% of our entire electric bill, the Mission will save about $100,000 in utility costs over the first 5 years and at least $500,000 over the useful service life of these panels.

    We have almost $89,000 in “solar” contributions but we could use your help to finish paying for this needed improvement. If you decide to donate, mark your check “solar” so we know how to allocate your gift.

    Please consider stopping by to see the installation.


    Update: Nov. 24th 2015 – We have raised an additional $450
    Update: Nov. 1st 2015 – We raised an additional $155.00 from 4 donors in the month of Oct.

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  • We’re Generating Electricity

    Today (12 November 2015) we’re scheduled to go on line with El Paso Electric to start generating electricitySolar Complete

  • Denver Mattress Company Matching Funds in November

    Denver Mattress CompanyThis November Denver Mattress Company is matching private contributions made by donating from the link below.

    This year the match is $2,500.

    Here’s how it works, from November 1st-30th, just follow this link to donate: www.denvermattresshelps.com/lascruces

    Giving is easy and your dollars go for a good purpose.

    Remember, the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission does not use taxpayer dollars in any form, but relies entirely on contributions like these from churches, civic organizations, businesses, and private donors.

  • Director’s Message – November / December 2015

    Dear Friends,

    As we enter another holiday season and the end of another year, the Mission has so much for which to be thankful.

    First, we had the honor of serving thousands of God’s children at a time when they need help the most. Second, we have about 4000 regular donors and about 2000 trusty volunteers, who contributed many dollars and more than 34,000 hours to the Mission so far this year. Third, we are ever so thankful that God has never let our trust, obedience and faithfulness go unnoticed.

    We’ve made some expensive decisions this year -some forced, some unforced- and each time He’s guided us through the clutter. For example, we discovered three major water leaks over the spring and summer. Repairing those and related damages cost over $22,000. In addition we took a deep breath and paid $194,000 for a solar array that should generate most of the electricity we’ll need for the next 25 years. See the article in this edition.
    Yes. We have a lot for which to be thankful.

    On the horizon.

    Again this year from 1-30 November the Denver Mattress Co. will match up to $2500 in online contributions to the Mission. You can Log on to the Denver Mattress website at http://denvermattress.furniturerow.com and double your gift.

    Meals on Wheels. We’ll need about 150 volunteers to cook, stage and deliver Thanksgiving and Christmas meals 26 November and 25 December. Bring the family and experience the joy of giving.

    The Mission Christmas Party is set for 19 December this year, 7pm at the Chapel.
    So, thank you for your generous giving, Las Cruces. Enjoy God’s blessings with family and friends again this season, and be ever mindful of who put the “Christ” in Christmas.

    Bob's Signature
    Bob Jeska
    Executive Director

  • Vol. 13, Issue 6 – Nov. – Dec. 2015

    LCGRM - Newsletter Vol. 13 - Issue 6 (Nov & Dec) (Front) LCGRM - Newsletter Vol. 13 - Issue 6 (Nov & Dec) (Back)

  • Programmer of the Month – September 2015

    Bruce SmithBruce was born in Indianapolis but has lived most of his adult life in Texas.

    He’s been a mechanic and carpenter and learned to cook when he became unable to hang drywall.

    He’s been one of the Mission shift cooks since February 2015 and has quickly become a favorite.

    People not only appreciate his good cooking but his gentle and helpful disposition. Many working poor who don’t live at the Mission drive here to eat lunch and supper meals.

    Bruce is one reason for that. He’s a key part of a strong cooking staff who’s been responsible for the improved quality of our meals over the last year.

  • The Mission is her family now

    Miss KTwo years ago Karen Phillips’ sister in Arizona determined she could no longer care for her older sister and put her on a bus to Las Cruces.

    Though she had been a nurse in Dallas for 23 years, Karen’s husband had died in 2010 leaving her without means. The gentle and caring soul whom we now know as Miss K arrived on 13 November 2013 with nowhere to go and no prospects. Little did she (or we) know, but God had big plans for Miss K.

    She just celebrated her 70th birthday on 3 September.

    Today Miss K has become a valued member of our family and an esteemed icon in our community.

    She became a Christian soon after arriving and has given multiple sermons when called. People have come to respect God’s wisdom they see reflected in Miss K’s simple life. While she has performed duties ranging from Women’s Matron to Security, her true value to the Mission has been the positive influence she’s had on so many lives.

    We thank God for sending us Miss K. And thank her for being who she is.

  • LCGRM’s New Trailer

    Trailer 1.0

    Trailer 1.0

    Trailer 2.0

    Trailer 2.0

    Notice the differences between Trailer Version 1.0 and Trailer Version 2.0 above?

    Version 1.0 served us faithfully for many years, but it had worn out. After several months of advertising for a used trailer donation with no luck, we decided in late August it was finally time for Version 2.0.

    Maintenance Manager, Rick Provines added the side walls and D2 Designs provided the signage.  We are now have a better, more effective,  and more handsome way to transport donations.

  • Horny Toad Hustle

    Horny Toad HustleSince it’s inception eleven years ago, the Horny Toad Hustle Race Committee has held a fundraiser their international mountain bike race. While the Horny Toad Hustle provides a racing venue for mountain bikers, it’s aim is also to give back to the Community.

    For several years now, the Committee has raised funds during the race to honor cyclists and family members who are fighting a serious medical condition and donating the money in their name to the Gospel Rescue Mission.

    The Mission helps set up the staging area and volunteers man power for the race, which is held in the Dona Ana’s just north of Las Cruces.  It is a fabulous partnership. Pictured above is Monique Garcia, club president, presenting a check for $800.  Monique said, “We hope our relationship with the Mission continues indefinitely.

    We are so proud to be a part of this amazing group of people.” On 13 September 2015, 154 mountain bikers from NM, AZ, TX, CO, CA and Mexico competed to conquer the Toad!

    Thank you, Monique! And thank you to The Horny Toad Hustle racers, volunteers and sponsors!