• Director’s Message September / October 2015

    This summer your Mission has been and continues to be a beehive of activity. In May we discovered a series of water leaks that Maddox Plumbing repaired. But, the water damaged several hundred square feet of paving in the front of the Mission. On 10 August, Welch Dirt Works began extensive repairs to our paved driveway and parking lot. There has been some congestion so be careful when stopping by to volunteer or to drop off gifts in kind.

    We’ve installed a large awning to protect from the elements those waiting for induction or a meal. You’ll see in this issue how we’re also conducting outdoor Bible studies under the awning when weather permits.

    As exciting at these improvements are, here’s the big story. We are very close to bringing solar energy to the Mission. A number of citizens and civic organizations have already contributed $87,500 for our solar energy project, so we remain prayerful that others will step forward and support the improvement.
    Even though we had substantial dollars earmarked for the transition to solar generated electricity, on 21 August, the Board of Directors determined that the remaining costs in excess of $150,000 was too much risk for the Mission to bear alone.

    Consider helping us liquidate the outstanding balance we need to pay for this important improvement outright. If you decide to do so, please identify your gift as “solar energy” to distinguish these donations from those intended for normal operating expenses.

    And, if you haven’t seen your Mission lately, make it a point to stop by and see the improvements. Consider volunteering and becoming an active part of a ministry that exists to serve the homeless and working poor.

    And consider becoming an informed donor. Most charities now days also spend your city, county, state or federal taxes. We don’t. We rely entirely and exclusively on private donations from citizens, civic organizations, churches and businesses.

    Like us on Facebook or visit our website at www.lcgrm.org for more information.
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    Bob Jeska
    Executive Director

  • Denver Mattress Company Supports the Gospel Rescue Mission

    Denver Mattress CompanyEvery November DMC matches private contributions made on their website.  This year the match is $2500.

    Here’s how it works, from November 1st-30th, just log on to the Denver Mattress Company website at http://denvermattress.furniturerow.com

    Navigate to the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission menu selection and follow the directions.
    Giving is easy and your dollars go for a good purpose.

    Remember, the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission does not use taxpayer dollars in any form, but relies entirely on contributions like these from churches, civic organizations, businesses, and private donors.

  • Remembering Faith

    Ever wonder about the history of the carved stone outside the Chapel, simply bearing the name “Faith”?

    In the early 1990’s Jim and Faith Reilly came to Las Cruces from Florida. Jim taught surveying at NMSU and Faith became president of the Mesilla Valley Garden Club.

    Remembering FaithAccording to Rosemary Maddox from the Garden Club, soon after Faith took office, she said “I think we should have a garden tour.” After the first tour the Club had a little money. What to do with it? Faith suggested that the Club landscape the Gospel Rescue Mission, which needed landscaping in order to get a certificate of occupancy. Faith made the landscape plan and purchased the plants, and members dug big holes in very hard soil under a scorching sun. There were no homeless men around to help then because the area had none of the development it has today.

    When Faith fell victim to ALS, the Tour of Gardens Committee installed the rock in front of the Chapel to honor her. The memorial still pays tribute to the woman who planted the seeds from which grew the Mesilla Valley Garden Club’s Tour of Gardens as well as the Gospel Rescue Mission.

    The Tour of Gardens has blossomed into a civic organization that gives thousands of dollars each year to local gardening and beautification projects in the Mesilla Valley. In the same way, thanks to Faith’s selfless service, the Gospel Rescue Mission has blossomed into a vibrant and growing ministry to the homeless and working poor.

  • Bible Study at the Mission

    Bible study at the missionThree times each week, members of the New Life Program and guests attend Bible Study.

    Bible studies, along with chapel, work, and the New Life Program are key to transforming lives.

    Jim Hillman has led Tuesday morning Bible Study for many years. Gary Evans leads on Wednesday.

    Pictured is Randy Smith’s Thursday morning study, under our new awning we constructed to protect people waiting for induction or a meal. With the pleasant weather, we’ve moved some of our studies outdoors under the awning.

  • August Programmer of the Month – Geoff Walters

    Geoff Walters“Hi, my name is Geoff Walters, I came to Las Cruces in Sept. 2007 and spent about a month here at the Mission before I had enough money to get my own place, and worked up until July 2013.

    In Sept of 2013 I was unable to work anymore due to COPD and came back to the Mission to stay. Since then I have worked the front desk and have done what I could to help people the way I was helped when I got here.

    God has been good to me, and about a month ago the Shelter Director asked me to be the Men’s Supervisor, and hopefully haven’t been too big of a disappointment.

    I believe God has a plan for me I’m not sure what but I’m sure He will let me in on it one day.”

  • Back to School UPDATE – Fall 2015

    Back to School updateThe Back to School program is still taking appointments every Wednesday afternoon.

    So far 560 Children have been outfitted by your generous clothing donations and the physical help of 80 different volunteers.  Thank you for your support!

    Donations of new shoes, new socks and new underwear, and people willing to donate a little of their time are needed year round at our clothing room.

    Call 522-7573 and ask for Wylene.

    BTS1 BTS2 BTS3

  • Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission New Branding

    Hope at the End of the Road had been our symbol for well over 20 years; however it did not include our name! We have revised our logo. We “hope” that you like our new logo.LCGRM New Branding

  • July Programmer of the Month – Devin Prater

    Programmer of the Month - Devin PraterOn 1 July 2015 Devin Prater became the first Programmer of the Month.

    This is a new program that Randy Smith, the Shelter Director, manages to recognize the outstanding member of the New Life Program. Each month members of the NLP select the one programmer whose conduct best reflects the Christian values the Mission promotes.

    For the month of June 2015, Devin’s peers thought he demonstrated a servant’s heart, was the most Christ-like in his treatment of others, was the most reliable work partner, and remained cheerful and positive in all circumstances. Devin received a $25 gift card and has his picture on display behind the Front Desk.

    Devin hails from Casa Grande, AZ and has been serving at the Mission since July 2014.

    Congratulations Devin!

  • Waterline breaks

    Four hundred and twenty thousand gallons!!!!!? Our normal water usage for a May is about 150,000 gallons, with an

    average City bill of about $800. When our June bill arrived, we knew we had a major water line break. Our preferred plumbing vendor, Mattox Plumbing, responded timely. That’s Chuy in the trench. Coincidentally, we discovered a second major leak behind the dining facility, which was far bigger than the one by the chapel. Our total repair bill was $25,000 and the repair was unbudgeted; but we won’t have any more $2500 water bills either. As our facilities age, repair costs become a large part of our total operating budget.

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  • Meet Henry Young

    Chaplain Henry YoungHenry Young comes to the Mission with over 40 years of selfless Christian service in a range of ministries similar to the Mission but far larger in scope.
    After earning a BA in Education from the Pacific Coast Bible College in 1981, Henry and his wife Cheryl founded a street ministry called Set Free Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, California.
    By the time he and family moved back to Las Cruces in 1986, his ministry was caring for 200 homeless each night and operated a separate drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.
    For the last 14 years, Henry has been a key member of the Sierra Vista Community Church, where has led the Men’s group, adult Sunday School, Bible study, Life Groups, and worship teams. From 2011-2013, Henry also served as interim pastor at Mountain View Christian Church.
    Though ordained for decades, he’d rather be called just Henry. Those who know him best say he’s “humble”, “honest to a fault” and “selflessly devoted to spreading the Gospel”.
    Today we can also say he is Chaplain of the Gospel Rescue Mission, and we are ever so pleased to welcome Henry and Cheryl to our family.