• Vol. 15, Issue 3 – May – June 2017

  • 2017 Back to School

    The mission clothing room is the only entity in Las Cruces that gives out new clothes and shoes for underprivileged school age children.

    Please keep this in mind if you would like to donate clothes or money for the annual Back to School week in July.

    It is not too early to start donating for this event.  Call the mission at 523-7727 and leave a message for Wylene or drop by the clothing room on Solano.

  • Clothing Room Floor Resurfaced

    Thanks to fourteen hard working LCGRM programmers we now have a resurfaced floor at the Clothing Room!

    Programmers worked for five days moving clothing from the clothing room floor, stripping all of the old wax and dirt, mopping and rinsing the floors, laying down 5 coats of new wax and buffing it!

    Way to go team!

    Thank you to our programmers attending:

    • Brett Strickland
    • Missy Strickland
    • James Shaffer
    • Matt Rhodes
    • Roxanne Rhodes
    • Ken Herlein
    • Jennifer Hasemann
    • Lorene Craft
    • Felicity Forbes
    • Wesley Collins
    • Jayson Bawcum
    • Mary Gibson
    • Rhonda Hollovoet
    • Ron Roberson
  • Adopt a Friend!

    Since the mission is all about helping the homeless, we are always looking for different ways that our volunteers can help.

    How about this idea; we have a group who are working to change and improve their lives and I would like to have some volunteers who could take them (small groups of 1 to 5) to a movie or to shop or come up with your own idea!

    Getting away for a short time is something that we all like and need.

    Consider this as a way to help our program residents.

  • Toss No Mas City Cleanup Event

    Saturday April 8th our programmers participated in a City Cleanup event with Toss No Mas to Beautify our neighborhoods, parks and schools by picking up litter, painting over graffiti, painting murals or planting trees and shrubs.

    Programmers were left in great spirits as they attended the closing ceremonies and picnic at the Walmart on Walton Dr.

    We understand the importance of serving our community in any way we can!


    Programmers attending:

    • Robert Ramos – Mission Driver
    • Brett Strickland
    • Ken Herlein
    • Humberto Garcia
    • Matt Rhodes
    • Roxanne Rhodes
    • Amanda Taga
    • Rhonda Hollovoet
    • Thomas Hollovoet
    • Ron Roberson
    • Richard Hardy
    • James Shaffer
    • Wesley Collins
  • 2017 Volunteer Fair

    The mission participated at the Volunteer Fair at the downtown mall Saturday April 8th to recruit volunteers for the shelter, clothing room and thrift store.

    We will also be involved in a national volunteer week later in April, again to recruit volunteers.

    We would like to thank our friends and neighbors who support us so graciously with your time.

    Remember, volunteers are always needed.. Please let us know how you can help!

  • Exercise is Key!

    We have been able to furnish a workout room for our residents through donations of some great equipment!

    It is important to work on improving the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of our residents in a uniform manner in order to improve lives.

    We thank the community for their help in providing for the needs of the homeless in Las Cruces.

  • Thank you to all community supporters and friends!

    A few years ago a truck was donated to the mission for use in picking up donations, delivering items to the thrift store and many other uses as needed.

    Of course this vehicle has had to have maintenance of various kinds over the years.. we would like to thank Pic Quik Stores Inc. who has graciously paid for many of those repairs and it is our pleasure to thank them for their support.

  • Not an April Fool’s Joke

    On April 1 (not an April fools joke), a food truck vendor gave back to the homeless community in a big way.

    Willeto’s Steel Grill set up in front of the chapel at the mission for a free lunch for the homeless.

    He had decided to take the first $500 of tips that his business got and turn it into free lunches for the homeless of Las Cruces.

    When you see him around town, stop and give him some business.  Thank you!!

  • Vol. 15, Issue 2 – Mar – Apr – 2017