Same Kind of DifferentEvery once in a while, an entertainment project comes along and complements the work of gospel rescue mission. The soon-to-be-released movie Same Kind of Different as Me from Paramount Pictures is such a project. It is a production that we can use to explain exactly what we do and we hope it will spark an explosion of volunteer requests and maybe even some fundraising opportunities.

    Stay Tuned.  Movie Trailer Coming Soon.



  • Schwan’s Gift Helps a Mission Family

    SchwansThe Mission continues to help families in need–even after they move out on their own. Jessica and Zoe Yerrington are working hard to make it.

    Zoe has cerebral palsy and life is tough; but she and her Mom aren’t giving up. So, when Schwan’s gave the Mission a $100 gift card for Christmas, Chaplain Henry Young and Shelter Director Randy Smith knew just who could use the boost.

    On 16 January, Henry presented the Schwan’s gift card to a grateful Yerrington family. Thank you Schwan’s for blessing the Mission, permitting us to pass that blessing on to others. And God bless you, Jessica and Zoe!

  • Solar Energy Comes to the Mission UPDATE

    Target: $194,000.00
    Raised: $92,080.00
    Remaining: $101,920.00


    Update: Jan. 4th 2015 – We have raised an additional $200.00
    Update: Dec. 30th 2015 – We have raised an additional $25.00
    Update: Dec. 11th 2015 – We have raised an additional $1100.00
    Update: Nov. 30th 2015 – We have raised an additional $650.00
    Update: Nov. 24th 2015 – We have raised an additional $450.00
    Update: Nov. 1st 2015 – We raised an additional $155.00 from 4 donors in the month of Oct.


    Solar Panel Installation 10-15-15On 21 September, the Mission awarded a $194,000 contract to Tom’s Service Company (TSC) to install a 74 kilowatt solar power generation system on the roof of the Shelter at 1050 W. Amador.

    By 2 October, TSC began installing the first of 296 Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels, pictured above. The remaining material is due for delivery by 15 October. And, at a rate of 15 panels per day, installation should be complete by Thanksgiving.

    Not only does TSC appear to be making quick progress, workers noticed the 1 October hailstorm had broken 20 of our skylights. Tom Reynolds, the owner of TSC, decided to purchase and install replacement skylights as a gift to the Mission. Thank you Tom!

    When our array is inspected and approved by the City of Las Cruces and El Paso Electric, it will generate all the electricity required by the Shelter for the next 25 years. Since the Shelter comprises 60-80% of our entire electric bill, the Mission will save about $100,000 in utility costs over the first 5 years and at least $500,000 over the useful service life of these panels.

    We have almost $89,000 in “solar” contributions but we could use your help to finish paying for this needed improvement. If you decide to donate, mark your check “solar” so we know how to allocate your gift.

    Please consider stopping by to see the installation.


  • Vol. 14, Issue 1 – Jan. – Feb. 2016

    LCGRM - Newsletter Vol. 14 - Issue 1 (Jan & Feb)(Front) LCGRM - Newsletter Vol. 14 - Issue 1 (Jan & Feb)(Back)

  • The Diocese Delivers

    The Diocese DeliversOn behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces, Bishop Oscar Cantu presents a $1700 check to Randy Smith, Shelter Director of the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission. The Diocese honored the Mission in a ceremony on 23 December. “The Catholic Church deeply cares about the plight of the homeless” said Randy. “This was a generous donation we will put to good use.” Thank you Bishop Cantu for blessing the Mission that through us others might be blessed!

  • A Visit from Santa

    SantaAfter the kids ate lunch and returned to their rooms Saturday they were pleasantly surprised that they were asked to sit down to decorate cookies in their living room. They were so enthusiastic already and then we broke the good news that Santa was coming to visit!

    We sang with Santa, and Santa talked to the kids about the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. He gave them stockings and even answered their questions about his reindeer and Mrs. Claus. A special thank you to Fred Espinosa and his sister in law Norma Espinosa for this experience.

    Children Pictured with Santa and his elf are (left to right) Mia Villasenor, Alicia Lunsford, Mark Nelson and Elora Vanhorn.

  • La Union Elementary Collect Blankets

    La Union Elementary Collect Blankets

    Hearing about the Mission’s need for blankets, the Student Council of the La Union Elementary School sponsored a blanket drive, which ended on 18 December. All together La Union Elementary collected 195 blankets. During the winter months, the Mission issues either a blanket or jacket to those moving on, and La Union’s spirit of charity will help make that possible this year. Thanks, kids!

  • Mission Residents Help Seniors

    Mission Residents Help Seniors

    After the Mission’s Thanksgiving support drew such compliments from shut-ins around the County, the City’s Meals on Wheels management asked if our residents could help serve the Christmas meal to seniors on 17 December. Eleven residents of the Mission volunteered to help at Benavidez and Munson Senior Centers. Pictured above are those who served at Munson, L-R: Margaret Edmond, Marcos Soto, Kay Casper, Richard Berger, Ryan Herndon, and Tara Nelson Misy Lunsford, Alison Moore, Karen Phillips, Claudia Giron, and Don Tellez (not pictured) served at Munson.

    As a matter of policy, the Mission encourages Shelter residents to serve others in the community.  For example, Shelter residents police up trash along Triviz twice each month. In addition, residents and off-site volunteers prepare, stage and deliver hot holiday meals to residents around the County for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shelter residents plan and execute the City’s Easter Sunrise Service each year. Every August before school starts, residents and volunteers give away new shoes, new socks and new underwear to 600-800 school children around the County in the Mission’s Back to School Program.


    At the Awards Luncheon of the 2015 Annual New Mexico Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (NMAFCS) Conference, Ms. Wylene Saunders was presented the Friend of the Family Award.

    Wylene was a volunteer at the Gospel Rescue Mission Clothing Room in Las Cruces, New Mexico for 15 years, prior to her appointment as Manager of the Clothing Room eight years ago.

    In this capacity, Wylene solicits, sorts, and distributes clothing to homeless/poverty level individuals in the Las Cruces, New Mexico, area. She coordinates the help of about 70 volunteers and spends endless hours tirelessly performing her managerial tasks as she works along with the volunteers.

    In one recent year approximately 5,500 young children, school-aged children, and adults received over 91,000 items of clothing from the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission Clothing Room. During a one-week timeframe each fall, the focus of the Clothing Room is on getting approximately 700 needy school- age children the clothes, shoes, and school supplies they need to feel positive about themselves when returning to school.

    Wylene Saunders was more than deserving of the 2015 NMAFCS Friend of the Family Award. Her long-term and outstanding commitment and service to the Gospel Rescue Mission was recognized.

  • Misty Has Found Family

    Misty & DaughterLife has not been kind to 30 year-old Misty Lunsford. Her earliest memories were a series of foster homes punctuated by brief interludes with her biological family. At 13 her situation worsened. She started smoking pot, dropped out of school, tried to stab her mother and found herself in jail for three months. By 15 she was hopelessly addicted to methamphetamine. The next 15 years were a blur of drugs, broken relationships, estranged family and a growing sense of desolation and desperation. She came to the Mission very briefly last year but didn’t stay because the temptation of meth still loomed too strong.

    On 21 August Misty came back to the Mission—this time with her 6 year-old daughter Alicia and a renewed determination to stop being a slave to drugs. Misty recalls, “before, I wasn’t interested making the changes in my life to get clean and stay clean.” A few weeks later Alicia’s father died in a car accident. Now they were completely alone.

    Misty said the last few months have been difficult, but she and Alicia are adjusting. ”The Mission saved me and my daughter. We had nowhere to go. This is a good place. Here I feel better about myself and my life. That helps me stay clean.”

    With God’s help, Misty is putting her life together, one day at a time. Her faith, her desire to be a good mother, and work at the Mission have helped Misty stay away from drugs. She’s given her testimony in Chapel and for the first time in her life looks forward to church. When Alicia’s in school, Misty works in the kitchen and is training to manage the Shelter’s Front Desk.

    Misty and Alicia have found peace and a sense of purpose at the Mission. Misty observed “The Mission is our family now.” And the Mission family has found two new sisters. Praise God!