• Kids Going Back to School Need Your Help

    BackToSchoolFor almost 20 years, Back to School (BTS) has been a fixture of the Mission’s Clothing Room, providing clothing to 600-700 children before the new school year starts.

    This year BTS is 8-14 August.  In July volunteers take reservations at the Clothing Room, 9-11am, MWF.
    We need donations of new shoes, new socks and new underwear, and people willing to donate a little of their time.

    Call 522-7573 and ask for Wylene.

  • God Loved Ron Anyway

    Ron Roberson 2016 NLRon Roberson came to the Mission on 2 July 2015, just looking for a spot to serve out his probation. Instead, he found more misery before finding Christ. The Shelter had a significant bed bug problem then, and the pests determined Ron a worthy host. Through that considerable physical discomfort, Ron discovered salve for bed bug sores as well as for his troubled spirit.

    Ron had hated God since 2009 when his Mom and Dad suddenly died within four days of each other. Subsequent estrangement with his only sibling left him alone and broke, stewing in his misery. Like so many who think they hate God, the deep trauma became self-hatred followed by self-destructive behaviors. And so it was for Ron. The following six years were a blur of drugs, alcohol, and multiple suicide attempts punctuated with 12 months in the Dona Ana County Detention Center. Describing those days, Ron says, “I was emotionally crippled. I hated God. I turned to drugs and alcohol and destroyed my life. But I’ve found my life here.”

    After working a series of random chores at the Mission, the kitchen needed help. Though he had no cooking experience, Ron was happy to volunteer. But, after meeting the head cook he began to doubt his choice. George ran a tight kitchen and did not suffer slackers. Though he was a tough, gruff and no-nonsense taskmaster, George came to admire Ron’s optimism, work ethic and willingness to learn. They became friends. When George learned of Ron’s predicament, he gave Ron what he could to help pay $300 monthly probation fees, mandatory training, and rental of the felon’s ankle bracelet. So, Ron had found his niche in the kitchen but his spiritual life remained in turmoil.

    Meanwhile, Ron started looking forward to evening chapel services, the morning Bible studies, and Celebrate Recovery on Fridays. Before long, after a lifetime of dabbling with pieces of Christianity, Ron became what he calls a “whole Christian”. “The Mission gave me a sense of belonging, the chance to crystallize my faith, and the chance to see what genuine Christian fellowship looks like.”

    One evening, Staff Chaplain Henry Young talked with Ron, who affirmed his faith, and they set 22 August 2015 as the date for Ron’s baptism.  The anger that had destroyed his life dissipated.  Even in modest circumstances at the Mission, Ron’s life became joyful. Strangers were impressed with his enthusiasm and good cheer. And Ron was happy to tell anyone that Christ was the source of his new life of inner peace.

    Today, Ron has started a new chapter. He’s now employed as a full-time cook at the Mission. He now belongs someplace where people care about him. Alcohol, illegal drugs, and thoughts of suicide are but vague memories today. Of those dark days, Ron says “I now see that when I hated and cursed God, He loved me anyway. He never gave up on me, even when I was completely unlovable”.

  • Donate Here

    Donation SignOn June 16th we installed a bigger Donation sign at the Shelter.  Now, donors feel comfortable knowing they are at the right place.

    Once you have arrived at “Donation Drop Off” you can park your car and let the staff at the Front Desk unload your donation and issue you a donation receipt.

    The donor pictured here asked to be described as a Christian man who is donating because “he’s got it better than he deserves”.

    Consider assessing your own situation and ask, “Is there anything I can spare today that will benefit another?”

    The Shelter of the Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission accepts donations 24/7 at 1050 West Amador.

  • We Had One Hail of a Storm

    Hail Storm May 2016Some believe like events occur in threes. That could be. We suffered two devastating hail storms on 3 and 21 October 2015. To the extent that seven months makes the old adage true, on 18 May the third hailstorm came along.

    Here’s a picture of what our driveway looked like by 5pm. Yours may have been much worse….or you may not have seen a hail stone. But, it came down hard at the Mission.

    We had numerous leaks in the Womens and Mens dorms and some sheet rock damage. However the effects could have been much worse.

    The new solar panels protected a very large part of our roof. They are quite sturdy and undamaged themselves. And as our maintenance team repairs the damages, we are hopeful that hailstorms do observe the rule of threes.

  • Father’s Day raffle

    Father's Day RafflePete Delgado has donated this new propane grill to the Gospel Rescue Mission for a Father’s Day raffle.

    Pete came to the Mission with his dog Lady in January 2013. He was out of work and homeless, with no prospects.

    Pete found his faith in Christ at the Mission chapel and in July 2013 became a full time employee.

    Since then, Pete has become an integral member of the Mission family, managing janitorial and security duties.

    He’s donating this grill to thank the Mission for helping him at a low time in his life.

    The drawing will be held at the Thrift Store at 1416 S. Solano on 17 June at 130pm.

    Stop by to shop at the best thrift store in town and consider buying a chance or two on the perfect Father’s Day gift….thanks to Pete.

  • Where are they now?

    McMurphyLast October, Joe McMurphy, Patricia and daughter Karen decided to move to Idaho Falls, Idaho for retirement. Because Joe’s work as the chief financial officer in the 5 prior years has been key in the Mission’s recent successes, it is only proper to share how God has continued to bless the McMurphy’s. Here’s their 2016 Mother’s Day picture.

    God must have approved of the decision because within three months, they had sold their house in Las Cruces and purchased their forever house in Idaho Falls.

    Patricia remains active in their church prayer group, the children’s ministry, gardening (with Joe) and sewing. She recently tore her miniscus (knee) while at home, and may soon require surgery.

    Karen is enjoying the women’s group home nearby where she can get therapy for her foot and ankle, which she damaged while in Las Cruces.  Joe’s been busy with church activities, tuning up the new house, gardening, and consulting for the Mission.

    May God continue to bless richly the McMurphy family who is far away but remains close in our heart.

  • Mother’s Day Winners

    Katie Sinfuentes

    Katie Sinfuentes

    Maria Carillo

    Maria Carillo

    Rita Ordonez

    Rita Ordonez



    On 6 May, Katie Sifuentes was one of six lucky winners in the Thrift Store’s Mother’s Day raffle this year.

    Also winning purses were Sarah, Maria Carillo, Rita Ordonez and Francis Vargas.

    Our grand prize winner of a complete comforter set was Maria. Both Katie and Maria have volunteered at the Mission.

  • Vol. 14, Issue 3 – May. – Jun. 2016

    LCGRM - Newsletter Vol. 14 - Issue 3 (May & June) - Front LCGRM - Newsletter Vol. 14 - Issue 3 (May & June) - Back

  • The Women’s Mission Union Rocks

    The Women's Mission Union RocksPictured here are members of the Women’s Mission Union from First Baptist Church.

    Shelter Director Randy Smith spoke to the ladies on 12 April about volunteer opportunities at the Mission.

    Susan Stickles extended the invitation. “We chose May to be the month our group would volunteer at the Mission, and were delighted to have Randy here to update us on the needs there”.

    “We had no idea the Mission was involved in so many activities throughout the community. We’re happy to help.”

    The First Baptist Church has helped the Mission for a long time, inviting residents to their annual The Living Christmas Tree concert, and providing bus transportation to the Sunrise Easter Service.

    God bless you and your ministry, ladies!

  • Volunteer Fair 2016

    Volunteer Fair 2016Each year the City hosts a Volunteer Fair to tell Las Crucens about service opportunities available among non-profits and charities.

    This year many hundreds braved the cold and wind at the Farmers Market on Saturday, 16 April along with Mission volunteers (L-R) Wylene Saunders, Chris Choo, Pete Delgado, and Robert Ramos. Evie Morales took the picture.

    Bob Jeska and Janey stopped by for a visit.