• Light in a Dark Life – Geoff Walters

    After enduring the dark and difficult side of life for more than 50 years, Geoff Walters found purpose at the Mission. Geoff’s personal growth, while serving honorably since October 2013, speaks to the reason the Mission exists. But, Honor is a word that would not easily attach to his life before the Mission.

    Geoff grew up in Flint, Michigan, the sixth of eight children to a single mother. His father was never in the picture. Even working two jobs, his mother could not support her family. “When I was six my mother put me and my younger brother up for adoption.” The rejection and personal turmoil he suffered while living in 16 different foster homes left him mean, angry and rudderless.

    By the age of 12 he’d been a regular smoker for two years. Geoff recalls he was “running wild in the streets, obnoxious and rebellious”. By 14, he was using heroin. By 18, he was in prison for burglary. And for the next 17 years, until 1990, Geoff was either in prison or on parole.

    Geoff’s health has suffered as well. Fifty years of smoking has taken its toll. He was a cook for 43 years before COPD disabled him. “I cooked graveyard at the TA Truck Stop on Motel Blvd until emphysema made it impossible to continue. I came to the Mission because I was broke and sick.”

    Geoff serves as Men’s Supervisor. In that role, people have come to know him as generous, tolerant, and a calming influence. People talk to him because they trust him. “I like helping people. I like my life at the Mission. I am content”.

    His tough life has taught Geoff to be direct. “People complicate simple stuff. God has put me where He wants me to be. If I didn’t think so, I’d be somewhere else. When I leave the Mission, it will probably be feet first in a gurney.”

    Life in a homeless shelter is stressful. And, though he’s available 24 hours a day, Geoff disappears at times to listen to God. Those quiet times give him peace. Randy Smith, Shelter Director and Geoff’s boss, says “Geoff has stress Teflon. Nothing bothers him.”

    Geoff’s early, dark days stand in stark contrast to the light that now guides him and the light of his experience he shares with others at the Mission.

  • School Volunteers from North Elementary in Alamogordo, NM

    Terese and Jackie came all the way from Alamogordo to bring place mats their students made at North Elementary

  • Mariachi Estrellitas – A visiting youth Mariachi group

    left to right,Damian. kassandra. linette. jocelyn. juan. nicholas. lizbeth. miguel. natganiel. oscar and lileily

  • Sous chef from Hacienda de Mesilla Helping LCGRM

    Sous chef from Hacienda de Mesilla ,Jacob, came to spend a morning helping with a meal. With him are his daughter Kaili and his wife Latoria both if whom also lent a hand.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Seaters

    A very small sample of the 50 people who volunteered to seat people in the dining room. Volunteers brought food to the table so that our guests could have at least one restaurant experience.

  • 2018 Thanksgiving Volunteers

    Thanksgiving at the Mission, it takes a gathering of volunteers to make happen. This year we fed 400 people thru our partnership with the Meals on Wheels Program and another 187 in the dining room, almost 600 hungry people feed thru God’s grace. Here are the serving volunteers with Cynthia who runs the serving line during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • LCGRM kitchen Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving Delivery

    Las Cruces Gospel Rescue Mission kitchen takes over the Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving Meals Delivery. A line of community volunteers wait to take their assigned meals to deliver for Thanksgiving. Thank you to all volunteers and kitchen staff at the Mission.


  • LCGRM Playground Finishing Touches

    in our on going efforts to both beautify the mission and safety to the families and children at the mission we have put up this privacy screen around the kids yard

    this is the outside of the kids yard to keep the kids safe

    the final piece of our playground is finally in place this beautiful split door wood playhouse

  • The Next Steps – Nov/Dec 2018

    As we approach the end of the year, I would like to keep you informed about changes that are and will be occurring at LCGRM. We will continue to work on our facilities and our residents.

    The temporary location for our Thrift Store has been doing very well. Parking is better and the building and signage are more visible, but the building is too small to adequately handle the volume of donations that we are receiving. We are now in the process of rebuilding the interior of our old store in Solano, which will look vastly different than it did before the fire. There will be more open floor space and a better layout for the display of items in the store. We will also provide better signage near the street to attract attention as motorist’s pass by on the street. A large room in the rear of the store will now be used to display our furniture. Other improvements will be added as money allows. We are also now under new management at the store. Read more

  • Vehicle Donations

    We would like to thank those of you who have donated vehicles to the mission.

    Some are designated for our use while others can be sold to help us in our expenses.

    Here is one of the latest donations.

    If you have a good running car for which you no longer have a need, please consider donating it to us.